New Generation's nonsurgical Permagraft system features hair implanted on a vertical bias. As a result true multi directional hair movement is achieved. The hair can be brushed straight back to reveal the natural hairline, combed forward for a more youthful look, parted on the side, and even cut to 1/2 inch lengths, notoriously the most difficult length for other hair replacement systems to achieve.


For the last six years we've been fortunate enough to have six of the best tattoo artists in the region as our core crew. As well, guest tattoo artists from around the states regularly stop in and take up a chair for bit. It pays to have a good reputation - it's what has given us a worldly following.



Permagraft's superiority begins with the design that allows the scalp to be visible through the hair. Individual, nonsurgical, implantation techniques ensure  that each hair appears as if it is rooted in the scalp, creating the illusion of growing hair. This technique allows the shaft to emanate from the dermal membrane on a vertical bias, insuring that your hair looks good in any environment, wind, rain, and even underwater. It also allows the hair to look natural whether it is brushed straight back, combed forward or cut to 1/2 inch lengths. The Permagraft system looks, feels and acts naturally regardless of conditions, leaving you secure and confident with your appearance.